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27 March 2009 @ 01:24 pm

I am back at work full time; I have been for a few weeks.  I feel really good.  I really feel quite the same as I did before my surgery.  I’m so thankful that my surgery went as well as it did.  I still sometimes wake up in the night but it is nothing significant and I am able to fall back asleep after I change positions.  

There was a time last week when I was getting to be more 'afraid' of my exchange surgery.  Everything has gone so well for me; I was afraid by having a second surgery it may 'mess' things up! :)  I was thinking maybe I can just live with my expanders forever!  That was until someone sent me a picture (via email) of what they looked like after they had their permanent implants in.  WOW, they were beautiful!   I am really thankful things have gone so well for me and I like the way my foobs look (in cloths anyway.) Those photos really gave me something to look forward to!  I can hardly wait to have squishy foobs!

I have been very diligent over the last week or so to massage my breasts both in the morning and at night…  I can assure you I will never want to use cocoa butter ever again when this is done!  (It smells like foobs!)

I think the massage has helped the skin relax… my foobs do not feel anywhere as HARD as they did when I got home from that last fill.  I still have to wait just over 1 week until I can have my next fill (my DR is off for a week), I’m looking forward to having that done and over with now too.

I have been trying to remember to use my scar cream too… I put it on in the mornings for sure, sometimes I forget at night.

These photos were taken today.  9 weeks from surgery.


Even this far out from surgery once in a while - maybe once a week I get a muscle spasm across my chest, it stops me in my tracks, it is a sharp pain that goes away almost as fast as it hits.  I just had one yesterday; I flinch and it’s over.  My husband looked at me and said “Still?”  (as thought to say, you are still getting those pains).  I said yes, but totally worth it.