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11 March 2009 @ 07:27 pm

Friday, January 23 2009; Surgery; 75cc of saline in each expander.
Tuesday, January 27 2009; check up with Plastic Surgeon. 4 days post surgery. Took out drains.
Wednesday, February 4th 2009; check up with Surgeon, pathology results clear!
Tuesday, February 10th 2009;  first expansion, 75cc’s of saline added to each expander, total 150.
Tuesday, February 24th 2009; second expansion, 100cc’s of saline added to each expander, total 250 in each
Tuesday, March 10th  2009; third and FINAL expansion, 100cc’s in each expander.

Dr. T told me after we had finished the last fill to call the office set an appointment to go see her in May.  We will do the exchange surgery in June.  She wants to let my body finish healing as it is now.  She always leaves at least a month between the last fill and the exchange surgery.

47.  Forty Seven Days from start to finish.  OK,  granted it’s not the ‘big’ or final finish, but at least I’m done for now!

I’m not gonna lie, I am looking forward to having my final foobs.  The ones I have now not only look hilarious but they are rock hard!  I can touch my foob with my finger and there is ZERO give.  It’s like you are touching a rock!  It will be nice to have nice mushy ones again.

I try not to look ahead to much.  My mother once shared something with me when I was young.  They were words of wisdom that have stuck with me through the years and I try to live by.  She said it was important not to constantly be looking ahead.  Stop focusing on the next event or milestone in my life.  Stop and enjoy were I am now, in this moment.  This moment will not come a second time. On the other hand there will ALWAYS be something else to look ahead and be anxious for.  Enjoy living each experience fully, because there is always something else coming.

She’s right.  For example: last week I was looking forward to being done with my fills, now I am looking forward to my exchange surgery, then I’ll be looking forward to the nipple reconstruction, then I’ll be looking forward to what my foobs will look like once they are done healing.   It’s always something else.  So I will live in this moment and be thankful that my surgery went as well as it has and that I can CELEBRATE the stage I’m at.