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10 March 2009 @ 06:18 am
HURRAY!!!!  I’M  DONE!!!!

I’m 6 ½ weeks out of surgery.  I went to have my last ‘fill’ today !  The Doctor put in another 100cc in each side.  This was by far the most fun expansion I’ve had.  I think it made the most difference!!  I was particularly happy to have my sister with me this time; we were able to laugh about how funny my foobs were looking and just how fast they were growing!!

My wonderful sister even agreed to take pictures for me. I was very thankful she was there with me and share in my excitement.

This first photo is when the Dr is holding the ‘stud finder’  :)  It’s actually the device she uses to find the port on the expander.  It is magnetic, when the magnet is pulling straight down, she is directly over the port; that is where she places the needle.   We are off to there races!!  You can also see my incisions seem to be healing really well.

The next photo is when she has finished filling one and just before she starts the other.. They look HILARIOUS!!!  It is extreamly noticeable now that my expanders are NOT round!

Next is Doctor adding the last 100cc to the left side. It happens so fast, and was really a lot of fun to watch this time because there was such a difference between the size I was going in and the size I was going out.  If you look just behind my left shoulder you can see the 'stud finder' with the magnet.

The final photos after both expanders were done.  There is now 350cc in both expanders.  Dr says that’s as big as the expanders are.. I can over inflate them if I want to go bigger.  I think I will be happy with this new size.  I  will let things be for a few days, try on some of my old cloths and go from there.