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25 February 2009 @ 07:41 am

The second fill.  I was worried about what the Dr said last time about putting in 100cc’s of saline.  I was afraid it would be too much, too soon.  It wasn’t.

My sister came with me to this appointment.  Before Dr. T starts anything she must get ready.  She gets four 50ml syringes and fills them with saline solution.   My sister took photos through this whole visit.  (Thank You)

As she was getting prepared, she looked at me and said I looked really good.  I asked her if I was ‘good to go’.  She said absolutely.  Running, rowing, whatever I wanted to do I was free to do… except maybe sit in a hot tub.  She did not recommend that.  I asked about my plan to start work next week.  Go for it.  Hurray!

These two photos are of the syringes and the empty bags of saline she took the liquid from.  


I assure you there is no pain.  On the right side I feel the pin prick of the needle and then pressure as she pushes down.  On the left, I have less feeling. (since even the surgery, my left side has been more numb) I did not feel anything except the pressure of her pressing on my foob.

When she starts to inject the saline, she goes pretty fast.  The first syringe full, I did not feel any different…  Although looking down, I can see my chest growing!  Pretty neat.  The second syringe about ¾ of the way through, I started to feel tight.  By the time she finished the syringe I felt really tight, and hard.  I told her so and she assured me, as she took the needle out, that if it was too tight we can easily remove some.   By the time she had gotten ready to do the other side; I no longer had that same really tight feeling.  It’s amazing how quickly your body can adjust.

Again the picture below documents the Dr. expanding the first side.  The following photo shows me after one side is done and the other not!  Funny!  


I asked her about the ‘dents’ on the top side of my expanders, she said that would be fixed at the time of the next surgery (exchange surgery).  She actually didn’t use ROUND expanders; she used horse-shoe shaped ones. (which I can see, now that I know)  I asked why, she said she finds they have less chance of moving/shifting.  Speaking of moving and shifting, do I need to be worried about that now as I start back to my exercise program?  No.  At 4wks post op, most of the risk has passed.  (I’m still not going to do any bench presses or push ups!)

Here is the type of expander she used.

I see her again for my next fill in 2 weeks.

She said that I may be sore; and I may want to take 2 extra strength Tylenol before going to bed.  She asked if I still had any Percocet from the surgery; I do.  She said I may even want to take one of those.  I decided to try to see how I would do.  I took 2 Advil around 9pm; its 9am and I haven't taken another pain killer since the 2 Advil 12hrs ago!  I had the bottle of Advil and my Percocet by my bedside in case I woke up sore.  NOPE!  I did wake up a few times, but I just changed my position and went back to sleep.  I was even able to sleep on my side for a bit.

I am also able to start using my scar cream.  I have one called Mederma.  I also asked about breast masssage; she said I could start that too.  Just massage in circular motions the skin on either side of the insicions.

I asked about my stitches.  She will not have to take them out.  They will dissolve on their own.  Just one more thing to be thankful for.