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21 February 2009 @ 05:58 pm

You know I can’t seem to bring myself to call the bumps on my chest ‘breasts’.  They are not. They never will be.  They don’t (and won’t) look the same, move the same, feel the same… ever.  My breasts are gone.  I’m not sad, I’m glad not to have them anymore.  But what I have now, well, they are not breasts.  Nor will they ever be.  

So, I have coined a phrase that is often used by women who have gone ahead of me in this process.  FOOBS.  It’s really a combination of two words.  Fake and boobs.  Fake boobs. Foobs.  I love it.  I really feel I can identify with having foobs.  I no longer identify with having breasts.

I am okay with breast mound; I am ‘growing’ two new breast mounds.  After they reach the size that I would like my foobs to be; I will stop the expansion process and have my exchange surgery.  I will then have my permanent foobs!

Perhaps this is a little quirky or odd.  I’m okay with that.