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20 February 2009 @ 04:50 pm

2½ weeks post-op I went in to see my PS (plastic surgeon) for my first ‘fill’ or expansion. The Dr used that trusty blue pen to mark on my skin where the ‘port’ was on the expander.

She then takes a little butterfly needle attached to a giant syringe filled with saline solution and sticks the needle into the port.  It didn’t hurt at all.. I thought  it would.  I barely felt the pin prick of the needle.

These photos were taken after that first ‘fill’, 150cc's in each expander.  Next time she plans on putting in 100cc's in each expander.  That means I will nearly 'double-up' with one visit.


After meeting with the Dr I asked, if I had to continue to wear a bra all the time.  She said no. I was VERY thankful.  I have begun to be hypersensitive to the clothes constantly rubbing my skin.  In fact it was getting very painful.  I got home and simply wore a loose zip shirt so that nothing would touch my skin.

I know some women find they have no feeling.  I did not have that problem.

I was also anxious to exercise again.  She said I could walk, but no strenuous exercise.  No heavy sweating.  I suppose it's because the incisions are not closed completely yet.  And of course no matter how good I feel I am just 2 ½ weeks out!  Patience!

My stitches are still there.  I forgot to ask when they come out.  I'm guessing she'll take them out in 2 weeks at my next appointment.

If you notice from the photo the stiches are internal, they are not visible.  It's actually one long thread... woven in and out on both sides, on the inside.