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20 February 2009 @ 03:57 pm
Day 5

I've had more discomfort today than ever. Maybe it was all the activity yesterday.. Maybe it's because the drains were taken out. Never really anything too painful ... But once in a while I feel kind of a piercing pain in what feels like the incision sight. But it passes quickly. Even though I was allowed to shower I did not feel up to it.  I just lay in my hospital bed with my arms by my side. That was the only really comfortable position.

I also feel swelling under my armpits near were my drains were taken out they are tender there.  Like a big bruise on either side.

Today I chose to take a Percocet I just did not feel comfortable.

Day 6

I slept well last night. When I woke up I felt good. I took a shower today as well. The Dr said it was fine as long as I kept the water from falling on my chest directly. It was more complicated than I had hoped.  The good news is I have been on only Tylenol today. I still have those sharp pains every once in a while but they pass quickly; for the most part I feel good I am trying to do the exercises that the hospital gave me but I don't feel like doing it.

Day 7

Sore ... And sick of being sore.  I'm back on Percocet to get rid of the discomfort.  I am getting tired of being sore on a constant basis.

I actually left the house to go to my work for a visit.  I just couldn’t stand being in the house.  It was really good to get out and see something other than my house.

For the car ride I had a pillow across my chest, as well as two smaller ones to prop my arms up.  The car ride wasn’t bad; after being out for a couple of hours I was exhausted again.

Day 10

I had my friend come for a visit and take a few photos.


Again, I think my foobs look much better than I ever thought they would so soon after surgery.