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20 February 2009 @ 01:00 pm
Day 3 (26 January 2009)

I asked a girlfriend of mine who is a photographer to help me document this whole thing in photos.  She graciously agreed.  I’m sure it will be obvious to you which ones are hers and which are mine.

This one was taken the day before I went in to see the Plastic Surgeon.


You can see the famous Jackson Pratt drains (JP drains) which I have clipped to my bra for the sake of the photographs. 

I was informed by the nurse in the hospital to keep them pinned lower... The drains work combining suction and gravity as demonstrated in the following photograph.


The fluid in the drain at the moment is quite clear; at first, it was pretty much all blood coming out of them.

They were not painful or even as uncomfortable as I had expected them to be.  I did have a slight itchy spot where I assumed the drain entered my body.

Day 4

Today I felt good I had my appointment with my Plastic Surgeon. She took all my bandages off and I got my first peek at my little "foobs" - (fake boobs) I love that expression!

Surprisingly the tape came off quite well.  I peeked down and was very pleasantly surprised. As you can see from the picture there is not much swelling and not much bruising either. I had expected much of both!


Then she took my drains out.  Where the drain enters the body there is ONE stitch or suture to keep the drain in place, she had to cut the stitch then pull out the drains.  I did not have any pain when she did it .. In fact I did not feel a thing - at least on my left side; on the right I felt the tubing being pulld out, not painful but weird none the less. She covered the site with a Band-Aid.  She said I could shower in 24hrs.

When I got home I felt good enough to make the switch from the big painkillers to Tylenol.  Big move!  

I really expected more bruising and swelling… even some blood, but there was nothing!  They did a good job of wiping me down after surgery too, very little iodine staining either.  You can see the band-aids on either side where the drains were.

The Dr said to keep wearing the bra 24/7.  It will help with the swelling.

Also she did say there was a seroma on the top left side. Seroma is a fluid build-up under the skin; very common and not painful at all.  I had felt the fluid and just thought it was the saline in my expander.  Not the case, it was far too loose to be in the expander.  The fluid was reabsorbed without assistance
within a week or so. (sometimes the Drs have to drain it) 

She said she put about 75cc's  (75ml) of saline solution in each side at the time of surgery.  We set an appointment for 2 weeks from today to our first 'fill' or expansion.  I asked her about the tape across the incisions. Will it still be there in two weeks?  She said yes.  OK.  I'm off!