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12 February 2009 @ 08:40 am

When I got back from my WONDERFUL cruise I had ONE day at home before going in for surgery.  That day was filled with a whole lot of laundry!!  I knew that it would be some time before I could do laundry again so I almost enjoyed it.  Almost.

Before I left for the cruise I had started packing my ‘overnight bag’ for the hospital.  I had printed a list of items to bring, put it in the bag. So all I had to do was go back to my bag, unzip the top, pull out my list and finish packing what was missing.

Here’s my list:
  • pajama bottoms X2 (never wore)
  • socks X2 (never wore, bare feet for me!)
  • underwear X2 (yup)
  • crocs (yup, great for walking around in hospital – slip on, and good tread *plastic slip on shoes*)
  • iPod / earphones (great to block out nurses noises at night when I’m going to sleep)
  • deodorant (never wore)
  • hair elastic ( yup, or something to get your hair off your face/neck)
  • baby wipes ( a MUST; to wipe down my face, neck and body, since I knew I couldn’t bathe)
  • lip balm (yup, for me a MUST)
  • eye drops (again for me a must)
  • note pad / pen (nice to have by my bedside, drugs due funny things to your head, so if I thought of something I could write it down, then not have to worry if I’d forget to tell/ask someone about whatever it was)
  • tooth brush/paste (yes)
  • hair brush (yes)
  • surgical bra (my plastic surgeon told me to bring a bra that closes in front to surgery)
  • book (never read/ didn’t really want to, I had my iPod)
  • sweat pants (I wore to the hospital and home)
  • sweater ( I wore to the hospital and home)
  • button front shirt (I wore to come home – can’t lift your arms)
  • bike shorts (I wore cotton bike shorts under my gown, they covered my underwear and never got bunched around my knees or anything like pants could - perfect)
  • kids sippy cup (so that I could hold it upside down without dumping over me; I found one that was for kids 18mo or older instead of the baby ones.)
I can tell you I didn’t ‘wish’ I had brought anything more.  I saw tons of different ‘lists’ before I made my own and the common thing to read after is that you don’t use half the stuff you bring.  TRUE.

So I packed all I could except my clothes for going and then  I could rest. Knowing I had done all my planning ahead of time I didn’t have to worry.

I also printed a list of things before leaving for my cruise and left it in my bag too...  These were things that I wanted to confirm the DAY of surgery, things I did not want to forget asking my DRs.  I printed them, put them in my ‘overnight’ bag and now I don’t have to worry that I will forget them!
  • Confirm no lymph node dissection
  • Ask anesthesiologist about blocker
  • confirm fax requesting home care is sent