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30 December 2008 @ 06:43 pm


I had my pre-op this morning.  I went in for 8am and was done around 11am.  I think it went really well; no surprises.  I met with a nurse first, we went through all our paper work / consent forms..Then we went through a hand-out that we were given "Patient Education : What you should know about Your Mastectomy Surgery".  She showed us (my husband and I) the Jackson-Pratt drain and how to empty it.  She gave me a small square of the bandage tape that they use to put on my arm to 'test' it.  I have an allergy/sensitivity to some tapes.  I am to leave it on for 24hrs and see.  I hope there is no reaction.
I then met with someone to draw blood, painless procedure, I am a regular blood donor and the needle they used was TINY compared to the ones I'm used to seeing! They also gave me a sterile cup for a urine sample for day of surgery (they said it was to check if I was pregnant).
I was then sent to the physio department where a woman (Physiotherapist) went over in detail the exercises in the booklet we were given.  I was given exercises for 1-5 days post surgery (or as long as the drains are in); a different set of exercises for after day 5 (or after the drains are out); and another set for 10 days post surgery.  Of course 10 days is best case scenario... I hope that I can do as well as that!
After meeting with physio, I was done!   I did not have to meet with the Home Care people because I will be having out of Province Home Care (nurses).  They faxed the 'requisition' over to them.  I called them directly to confirm they received it... No problem but they actually need a different form; to be filled out the DAY of surgery and fax to them at that time.  Weird.  But I'll do it their way. :)
So now I have simply to pack my hospital 'overnight' bag and I'm ready.  I will print up a few questions that I want to ask the day of surgery...I have 3:  First for the anesthesiologist, to request a pain 'block' or 'blocker' it was recommended to me from someone who had this procedure... from what I am told it is similar to an epidural.  Second; I want to confirm with my surgeon that he will NOT be touching my lymph nodes (a sentinel node biopsy - unless of course he sees something suspicious during surgery).  Third is to confirm that they send the fax to the appropriate people to set up my Home Care Nurse.
Now I'm ready to put all of this out of my head for 2 weeks while I enjoy my CRUISE!  There is nothing more I can do here to prepare.  I have a hospital bed being delivered on the 22nd (day before surgery).  It was recommended to me by someone who had the surgery, they say it is much easier to 'get comfortable' in them.
Oh yeah, one last thing.  I have to get a nursing pillow!  How ironic that I need a nursing pillow when I will no longer have any breasts... ?!  Again it was recommended to me for the shape, to have the pillow behind my back and lean on will raise my arms to a comfortable height (apparently - I'll let you know a bit later!).
Toys R Us here I come!