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28 June 2009 @ 09:16 am
DAY 2 (28 June 2009)

Good news is I slept a full 10 hours!  Even with being woken up every 4hrs for my pill I slept 10 hours!  Wonderful!

However, when I got up I was sorer than I was on Day 1.  I think that is odd, and yet when  I consider the way muscle pain seems to work, it always does seem to hurt more the second day after your big exercises.

I still had that really sore muscle feeling right across the top of my chest.  It took a few minutes of being up and standing for that to pass.  Then I would feel fine.

I lay on the couch and watched movies in the AM, when it was time to get up I would always hold my breath, and stand very still till the pain passed, not long, just a few seconds.

I took short walk down our street and all of a sudden was exhausted.  Not sure if it was the walk (it was SHORT 1/2 block) or what it was but I was tired.

I went to bed around noon and slept the rest of the afternoon away.  My girlfriend came over to take me out in the evening, a 'girls night' BBQ and swimming (no swimming for me of course).  She came a braided my hair (I think I will go to a salon to have it washed Day 3), and drove me to our friends place.  I took my pillow in the car to have across my chest, but the ride was surprisingly easy.

A good night out too.  Of course I was not the life of the party but I was able to sit and enjoy good company and good conversation.  It really was good to get out.  I remember after my first surgery at DAY 7 I was going crazy having not left the house.  This was very good for me.  I was very careful not to overdue anything.   It was hard for me not to help with the setup / clearing of the table, but I think my friends understood! :)

I did leave earlier than the others I got pretty tired all of a sudden.  My husband came and picked me up, took me home.  

We decided after my pill at 11pm if I could try sleeping through the night without waking up for my 3am dose.   Sure, we'll try.  I slept until 6am!  Then I asked for a pill.  Not bad!

DAY 3 (29 June 2009)

I woke feeling quite rested.  Getting up this morning from my bed hurt about 50% LESS than it did yesterday.  That's nice.

My hair is dirty so I may get my husband to drive me to a local salon to have it washed.  I have been doing pretty well with my baby wipes on the rest of my body.

I am really looking forward to be in 'unwrapped' tomorrow!!  Hurray!

I chose not to take any of my presription drugs during the day.  Down to 2 regular strength Tylenol.  (= just over 1 extra strength).   After waking up at 6am and taking the Percocet I was able to wait until 12:00 noon, before taking Tylenol again, then I waited till 5pm for the next dose of Tylenol then about 10pm for my Percocet (I will continue that at night for a couple days I think, it helps me sleep)

The day was long, puttered around the house, I would still have the pain across my chest when I stood up, on a scale of 1-10 it only every got up to about 5 or 6.  

My incisions are starting to itch; I lifted my bra and peeked!  They look good and I suppose itchy means healing, of course I must resist to the itch even with freshly washed hands, fingernails are gross. :)

My husband did take me out for an hour or so in the afternoon, I was looking for a salon to have my hair washed.  We went to 4 different places, not a SINGLE one was open!!  I guess hair shops are closed in my city on Sundays; I never knew.

When we got home I was tired so lay on the couch.
I rested but never really slept throughout the day.  

Took it easy for the evening.  Went to bed around 10pm.

DAY 4 (29 June 2009)

I slept through the night.  I woke up at 6am (my normal wake-up time) and took two Tylenol.  When I stood up to go to the bathroom, I waited to for the pain to hit me.  I would say on a pain scale of 0-10 it peaked at around 2 or 3 when I got up this morning.  What a great improvement!  Not bad at all, not only did it not hurt to stand up like it used to but I do not feel as stiff either.  Good way to start the day.

I actually drove myself to the local mall to get my hair washed.  The lady charged me $5.00!  Not a bad, she even added a bit of product and used the dryer to take some of the dampness away.  I was only on Tylenol, and I felt good enough to drive.  I still kept a small pillow between me and the seat-belt.   There was absolutely no pain or even discomfort when driving.  Not when turning not when shoulder checking (that's the two things that hurt the first time).  I even went to a friend's house for a visit before going home and leaving for my PS appointment.

My husband and I arrived a little early but did not have to wait long before going in and seeing the Dr.  She cut open my bandages and said it looked quite good.  I said can I peek?  She has a floor length mirror and I had a look.  I think they look AMAZING!    Just imagine, I think they look this good now...  wait till I give it some time!!

She said bra every day 24/7 for 3 weeks, showering is ok.  However no direct water on the front, so water on my back, dripping over my front is ok.

I asked about risk of infection and necrosis, she said it probably would have presented itself if it was going to.  Good news.
Next appointment in 2 weeks.

Now for the pictures!  I took a bunch; I want to document how they change over time.


I think they look awesome!  I am so happy with them.  The next few are just more detailed pictures.  I'm sure with time they will look a little different.  I am SO happy she was able to fix the 'pucker' on both of my foobs!  If you look closely on the left side near the top of the foob you can see the long string that is the stitch; it looks like fishing line.


The left side seems to have a bit more 'loose' skin, Dr said the healing should correct that.

One more photo to include today.  This is me in a bra.  I have the little gauze pads between my bottom incisions and my bra. 

The look is very different from the 'old me'.  I knew it would be, I just need to adjust to seeing the new me.

I finished the day without a nap. By the second half of the day I was taking regular strength Tylenol every 4hrs.  My body tells me when the time is up for sure, but nothing really bad.

I decided to wait until day 5 to shower, I don't feel gross and I like to give my wounds an extra days healing before wetting them again!

I decided to take a Percocet to help me sleep during the night.  I won't do that again, I woke several times and had a couple really bad/sad dreams.  No Thanks.

DAY 5   (01 July 2009)

After my night of sad dreams I did not feel rested, after I woke at 6 or 7, I took a Tylenol and went back to bed.  I slept till 10am!  

I took a shower today too!  It was wonderful!  I feel so clean and fresh now.

 Made it through the day without a nap or even wanting one.

Still on regular strength Tylenol every 4 hrs.

Still feel the stiffness in the muscles across my chest.


I woke this morning feeling rested despite the fact I took only 1 regular strength Tylenol before going to bed.  I am very happy about that.

I'm trying to do some of my post-mastectomy stretches to help be rid of the tight feeling and improve my range of motion.  Still no lifting for me.  I carry my purse but that's it.  I'm afraid to overexert myself... This is my last surgery...  I don't want to do anything to mess things up.  I want things to HEAL in the right places.  :)

DAY 7 - 10 (05 July 2009)

Feeling good and strong.... still trying not to do too much with my arms.  Off all pain medications but take a Tylenol when I happen to feel any discomfort.

Like after my first surgery, I get these stabbing pains in my incision sites.  Very strange, just one quick pang and it passes.  I flinch and it's gone; ever any warning as to when it will hit.  I could almost point at the exact location on my incision where it came from though.  I remember I had this after my first surgery too.


Oh, am I itchy!  Only at my incision site, perhaps it's because I am healing, perhaps because it summer and I am sweating more or maybe it is a reaction to the tape that is there.  I have skin issues with different kinds of tape before.   It seems to bother me when the tape gets wet (after shower, sweating etc).  I'll give it some time, if it doesn't get better I will go see Dr T.

DAY 10

I do not expect to see a major difference between day 4 and day 10.  The bruising I had on my left foob is gone...  maybe the shape is a bit better too, by shape I mean the skin around the implant looks better.


Still another week till my next follow-up with Dr T.  I will try to take pictures every week. 

Day 12  (07 July 2009)

The day the tape came off!  I called my PS office to check to see what could be done about the tape that was making me so itchy.  I realise it is normal to be itchy were the incision is, you know what they say, it means it's healing.  My itching was around the sides of the incision, under the tape... it was driving me crazy.

I got a call back from the PS office saying to go ahead and remove the tape.  Do it while in the shower so the glue is wet.  Pull gently and not quickly.

DONE.  No problem at all.  I waited until the end of my shower, brought a mirror and pulled slowly and gently.  I was expecting to remove all the scabs but next to nothing came off with the tape.  Now of course I have this sticky residue all over, I tried to wipe some off with a clean swab.... AROUND my incision not across.

Of course me and my picture taking, I couldn't resist taking one to share. 

I am really impressed at just how small the incision is!!  The best part is, when I look at myself 'straight on', I can hardly see it at all.  I know with time, this scar will be barely noticeable at all!

There is still a bit of wrinkling/puckering going on near the sides of my foobs.  I am convinced that will correct itself with time; if it doesn't, I am willing to live with them the way they are.