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26 June 2009 @ 09:45 am

I woke up feeling a little stiff this morning.  Once I was up and moved around a bit I felt better.

Despite being up for a couple hours in the night I feel very well rested.  I bushed my teeth, washed my face and wiped myself down with baby wipes.  FRESH!

Then I hurried downstairs to get my husband to take my Day 1 pictures.  Here they are:


I think they look pretty good!  I really understand what is said when they say they 'look' flat.  So far I am very pleased with them.  

Dr T said if I wanted to I could shower on Sunday or Monday (surgery was Thursday).  Again, no direct water flow on the chest and I must be sure to dry off well, we have a VERY warm weekend forecasted.  Maybe I'll just sit in the tub, water to my waist.

The plan today is to stay in, watch movies, make a few phone calls.  I feel well enough that I could go out, but then I reason with myself and think how foolish that idea is.

REST... REST... REST... how many times are we told this?  Too many, and yet when we feel good, it's one of the hardest things to do.

When I take a deep breath I feel soreness across to 'top' of my chest.  Dr T said this would happen because she had to create space for the implant up there, remember how low my dented expanders were?

I feel soreness across the muscle going to my arm pit, especially on the right side.  My range of motion is good I can lift my arms straight in front of me 90* easily, the side too, although I feel a bit of pulling to the side.

All in all, very encouraging.


Day 1 for me ended badly.  OK, perhaps not badly but worse than I thought.  I seem to be having a lot of muscle pain across the top of my chest.  Dr T mentioned I may feel this because she had to create room for the top of the implant.  I feel a tightness from shoulder to shoulder.  

As long as I am moving everything seems to be okay.  After an hour or so of lying down or sitting in one position;  it HURTS to get up, I feel gravity pulling at my foobs and a tightness all across my chest.  The good news is it lasts for only for 5-10 seconds, then once I start moving again, the pain goes away.

I want to describe it like the day after you have done WAY too much exercise and all your muscles are stiff;  you wake up in the morning and it HURTS, then you get up, get moving and it works itself out.  That  seems to be how it i

So I want to keep moving so I don't feel sore, but I know my body needs me to rest to heal.  So I must.  One thing is for sure, I am staying on my 4hr/pain med schedule.