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05 May 2009 @ 07:12 pm

I got a call from my Dr's office today telling me my surgery date of June 4th has been canceled due to an emergency.  We re-scheduled for the 25th of June.  I am not overly upset, just disappointed.  It delays my healing process by almost 3 weeks, I wanted to be 'all done' for the summer. 

The part that was the most frustrating for me is that I had arranged with work to have the time off, got all my shifts covered and now I have to change it all.  I hate that this has to affect other people and not just me.

The other thing is that Dr T wants me to come for a Pre-Op appointment on June 1st.  I thought we already went through everything.  Maybe not, or maybe we did and this lady that called didn't know it.  Either way I don't mind going to see her again, I am doing all my 'implant research' right now.  It will be nice to go over everything with the Dr one last time before surgery.