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07 April 2009 @ 02:10 pm


I met with my Plastic Surgeon again.  My goal was to get one last fill.  Not that I do not like the size that I am.  I do, however I have been informed that after the exchange surgery I may loose a little bit of projection.  I was not comfortable with that idea; so I thought we would have to go bigger.

When I met with Dr. T we went over how much saline I already had in each expander… 350cc.  Then she had a chart where she compared the size of the expander placed and the compatible implant sizes. Then she took a measuring tape and took a few measurements. 

This is when the ‘art’ comes into the whole deal -  the second surgery.  That’s when the Plastic Surgeon gets to do “their thing” and make them beautiful!

She told me she could replace my expander with ____ implants (certain name and size – that I can no longer remember) it would fill in the dent that I have now as well as be wide enough to fill my chest, I would loose about ½ cm of projection.  I have about 6cm (2.36 inches) of projection as is stands now. She knows this based on the size expander she put in as well as how much saline is already there.

When I shared with her my concern about not being comfortable with loosing any more projection and that I would rather have more than less.  She consulted the comparison charts again.  You see you can’t just pick ANY implant, it has to FIT.  That depends on many things, size of expander, how much skin is available, how wide is my rib-cage ect...

After a bit of checking numbers I was advised that we could use a different implant that would still fit and yet give me just a little MORE projection 6.5cm (2.55 inches).  She also told me that because I have enough skin we will not have to do another expansion.  At the time of this surgery she would also take care of that little pucker that I currently have at the top of my incision.  A little ‘nip’ and one stitch should do it.

The second surgery will be preformed by making an incision at the IMF (inframammary fold), under the 'breast' and proceding with the exchange.  I love that the incision will be done there!   I will not see it at all!!

I was also given my surgery date.  June 4th.  The hospital will call me the day before to advise me of what time I need to be at the hospital.

The scheduled OR time for the exchange procedure is 1 hour; unlike the 2 ½ hours for the original surgery.